Friday January 3, 2020

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One great tradition within the East European states will be the subtle show of affection. The first time we visited Belarus within our honey moon the places like Radzivills Residence at Nesvizh, Mir Castle, and Great Patriotic War Museum all were surprisingly aligned while using flower shops with many great gifts and styles on display. Unfortunately, Belarus remains considered to endure tourist infrastructure, lack of knowledge in English along with the obligatory dependence on visa. All this is paid off if you wish to experience the real adventure. The main indicate know that all of the tourist services are present, a lot of them were recently developed and still provide top quality of service.

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In Soviet times Belarus may be regarded as the Hi-tech “assembly plant” from the USSR. In the period between 1950 and 1960 country would be a pilot ground to the development and manufacturing of knowledge systems and industrial software. This gave rise to a big variety of universities that turn out yearly up to 2000 IT specialist and contribute to the truly great IT potential of the country.

– “Staroe Ruslo” pub restaurant – Ul’yanoskaya str, 7;
– “Pivnoy Priboy” pub – Moskovskaya str, 20;
– “Staraya Melnitsa” bar – Nezavisimosti avenue, 78;
– Stary Gorod restaurant – Bogdanovicha str, 19;
– Starye Tradicii restaurant – Nezavisimosti avenue, 57;
– Pinta restaurant – Komsomolskaya str, 34.

Booking an accommodation in Minsk or in Belarus normally may be also problematic. The reason for which might be elevated prices for the service you will get. It is highly recommended to book only 4 and 5-star hotels otherwise you must not have a much a decent level of service. Renting a condo is an additional great option. It allows you to have a similar amount of service at a price which is a minimum of 2-3 times lower. For example, a 4-star college accommodation costs about 150 euro per night and the same sort of apartment will set you back from 50 to 80 euro per night. As a rule everyone that come to Belarus and then try to save tend to rent a rental.

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